Pre-Insulated Steel Framing

Concerned with soaring building costs, labor shortages, energy efficiency, air quality and sustainability?

Welcome to Kwik-Build Panels, authorized West Coast Distributor of a hybrid steel frame, insulated building panel system, efficiently pre-fabricated off-site, ready for rapid on-site assembly.

As a third generation SIP (Structural Insulated Panels), the single component wall system capitalizes on the insulating properties of closed-cell, water-resistant, EPS (expanded polystyrene) bonded to structural steel frames. Unlike conventional SIPS, which utilize flammable, water permeable wood fiberboard (OSB) for strength, Kwik-Build Panels uses cold-formed galvanized steel for their structural integrity.

The Energy-Star, ICC-ES and HUD Certified panels are 80 % lighter than same size wood-frame structures, yet 2 ½ times stronger in terms of load bearing and shear capacity. At 1.3 to 1.5 pounds/SF, Kwik-Build Panels are also considerably lighter than other SIPS, which weigh 3.47 to 3.65 pounds/SF. Results? Easily installed, high-performance building system that integrates sustainability, practicality and affordability. Panels may be used as exterior or interior walls, roofs and floors.

Architects, contractors, developers and residential or commercial property owners who wish to make better use of capital, will appreciate this time-tested building system, in use throughout the US and other countries, for over 20 years. In a single operation, structures can be framed, insulated, sheathed and moisture protected - ready for conventional exterior and interior finishes. The streamlined panel installation, which requires no specialized trades or heavy equipment, provides a highly effective continuous moisture and air barrier assembly - key to high performance building envelopes. Yes, while it’s true that traditional stick framing can be energy efficient, it takes considerably more design effort and meticulous construction methods to achieve - much more so than people realize.

Beyond initial costs, which are comparable to traditional framing, Kwik-Build Panels will ultimately save you time and money in many ways. Structural, thermal and acoustic performance is maintained for the life of structures, utility bills slashed, job-site waste and disposal fees eliminated, fire safety is improved and healthy indoor air quality maintained. It’s a perfect wood and energy conserving strategy, with a smaller ecological footprint than most other wall systems can achieve.

We encourage you to explore our site, learn more about this time-tested product and contact us with any questions you may have.